Hi, I'm Diego

Financial and Marketing Analyst

An accomplished expert in financial analysis, accounting, and marketing with a unique Latino perspective. Excel at transforming complex data into strategic actions, fostering financial efficacy and harnessing diversity for market success.

About Me

Financial and Marketing Analyst!

A well-rounded expert adept in financial analysis, accounting, and marketing analysis, combining diverse professional experience with a unique Latino cultural perspective. Possesses strong skills in budgeting, forecasting, and cost management, complemented by a deep understanding of market research and consumer behavior. Excels at transforming complex financial and marketing data into strategic business actions. Dedicated to promoting financial efficacy and marketing success, leveraging data-driven decision-making and a rich understanding of diverse markets and communities.

My Journey


2020 - 2024

Bachelors of Science in Business 

Accountancy and Marketing Concentration

- George Washington Univeristy

A Bachelor of Science in Business with concentrations in Accountancy and Marketing provides a comprehensive education in core business principles along with specialized training in financial management and marketing strategies.

2020 - 2020

Business Administration 

- Marymount University

Business Administration classes offer a comprehensive overview of key business functions. These courses cover topics such as management, marketing, finance, accounting, operations, business law, and strategy, equipping students with a holistic understanding of how businesses operate and succeed in diverse markets.

2019 - 2019

Artificial Intelligen: Modeling Human Intelligence 

- Brown University

Explore the intriguing realm of Artificial Intelligence: Modeling Human Intelligence. This course delves into the principles and techniques behind creating AI models that mimic human cognitive processes. Discover the power of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision, and neural networks.


2019 -2023

Financial Operations Associate


Support closing procedures, validate journal entries for accurate financial statements, process transportation invoices for timely payments, collaborate on cost analysis, and contribute to monthly financial reports and statements.

2022 - 2023


-La Tia Carmen Restaurant

Assist with daily bookkeeping and data entry for financial transactions, managed accounts payable and accounts receivable, supported inventory control, reconciled sales and cash deposits, prepared monthly profit and loss statements and balance sheets, handled sales tax returns, participated in financial audits, and maintained a secure filing system for financial documents.

2023 - 2023

Operations Management Class  BADM Teacher Assistant

- The George Washington University

Assit the professor by creating class materials and leading discussion sections for the Operations Management course. I also provided individualized instruction during office hours and graded assignments, quizzes, and exams. Collaborating with the professor, I contributed to the development of new course materials, resulting in improved student grades.

My JourneyMy Portfolio

Fictional Reports for APEX Consulting!

The "Fictional Reports for APEX Consulting" project is a masterfully crafted simulation of a typical brick-and-mortar business. The centerpiece of this endeavor is a pair of in-depth reports—a Marketing Research Report and a Financial Annual Report—for a conceptual company, APEX Consulting.

The Marketing Research Report provides detailed analysis of potential markets, competitors, and customer behaviors. It exhibits a comprehensive understanding of the marketing landscape and outlines strategic initiatives designed to position APEX Consulting as a leader in its field. Every aspect, from branding to customer engagement strategies, has been carefully considered to create an authentic portrayal of marketing operations.

The Financial Annual Report, meanwhile, offers a complete picture of the company's financial health. Covering aspects such as revenue, expenses, profitability, and financial forecasts, this report serves as an accurate reflection of a year in the life of APEX Consulting. It showcases financial management expertise, mirroring the meticulous accounting and financial planning that goes into running a successful business.

My Skills

Financial Skills

Financial Reporting90%

Financial Analysis85%


Forecasting 90%

Marketing Skills

Marketing Research 95%

Data Visualization 83%

Digital Marketing 85%

Consumer Behavior 72%

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